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The Rostov museum

The Rostov museum is the owner of the largest assembly of products of the Rostov enamel. This art is known in Rostov since XVII century and it is widely spread till now. At an exhibition the Rostov enamel works of masters XVIII - are offered XX centuries. N.A.Kulandin is the master of a historical and portrait miniature, the genre of a historical miniature has taken the basic place in creativity of painter V.P.Grudinina. A.E.Zaizev was recognized as the master of a military - historical portrait. A.G.Alexeev is known as the experimenter and the artist - landscape writer. A.V.Tihovy and V.D.Kochkin have found themselves in a genre of a lyrical landscape.

Thus, Rostov the Great as the center enamel arts, was actually formed within several centuries. Today art of the Rostov enamel experiences new splash in creativity and development, both new directions of painting and revival of old traditions.

Portraits of the Rostov nobility and merchant class are exhibited at picture gallery of a museum in several halls of XVIII - XIX centuries, and also products of Russian artists of the end of XVIII- of the beginning of XX centuries.

In white chamber of the Kremlin (the former dining room to chamber of the Rostov lords) an exposition of the Museum of church antiquities, which reproduces the first museum exposition of 1883, is situated.

The red chamber was built in 1675 for coming great sovereigns, i.e. for reception of Russian tsars, and today here on the 2-nd floor open mills of porcelain, a beads of ceramics, and on the right you can see an exhibition " Archeology of Rostov ground" by IV thousand up to XIII century are placed.

Surprising works of masters - woodcarvers, wooden subjects of a life, ancient and modern, are submitted in church Odigitrii at exhibitions " Òhe Carved sculpture and an icon ",etc.

Museum of Rostov merchants

In 2008 museum of Rostov merchants was opened in Rostov Veliky in mansion of merchant Kekin.

The exposures of museum reproduce the world of the merchant's mansion, tell about history of one of the best known in Rostov merchant's family Kekin and about one of the most giving representatives of this family - Aleksei Leontievich Kekin.

The merchant has left to Rostov rich heritage and inheritance. Rostov linen manufacture was founded on his facilities. A. L. Kekin has enclosed considerable efforts to deal of the restorations of Rostov museum and opening there the Museum of the church antiquities in 1883. In accordance with Kekin’s will after his death Rostov has got the enormous fortune (8 mln. rub.), which entered in dictation of the Town Council with condition "to build gymnasium and university in Rostov ".

The Museum of Rostov merchants opens from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. daily, except Monday and Tuesday.

The director of the museum is Alexandr Morozov.

Telephone: +7 (48536) 6 40 99.

The museum of Rostov enamel

At the factory of Rostov enamel the new museum was opened, where the visitors can see long standing history of developing of enamel trade in masterpieces of best masters.

Nice modern hall with glass show - cases absorbs secular traditions of making enamel.

Here you can see how it was made in old times and how popular masters work nowadays. The portrait of famous cosmonaut Valery Tokarev which was made by enamels masters occupies its deserving place in the museum.

The shop of souvenirs works near museum where you can buy unique works of art at the price of the factory.

The art of enamel is known in Rostov from 17th century. Hundreds years citizens of Rostov keep this trade alive. Generations of painters and jewellers change each other in the studios and - in life. Trade lives and perfects.

Rostov enamel is in the first ten of the best Russian trades by the art level of works.

There are more than 400 works in the assortment of the factory. On their theme they divide into 5 groups. These are - jewelry, articles of interior, souvenirs, icons, presents.

Following to the traditions which old masters choose, modern painters with success continue to work in flower, landscape, architectural, historical, portrait and other genres. From the beginning of 90th years of last century renewal of forgotten for years icons miniature began. The interest to enamel icon, to enamel articles which decorate church things increased. At the end of 90th Russian patriarch blessed it.

Rostov enamel - unique folk trade which traditionally exists only in Rostov. It is always found recognition at estimators of masterpieces of folk art, lovers of unique jewellry and collectioners. This enamel is made in the scorching stove, it is unique because of its lasting effect, which is checked by centuries. Tourists can not be indifferent to the trade because of handmade work and rich colour range. Buying enamel they carry away to their motherland a small piece of Rostov. Rostov enamel is valued and known not only in our country but abroad. It can be proofed by the fact that the works of Rostov masters got gold medal at universal exhibition in Brussel.

Yaroslavl region, Rostov, Uglichesky tract, 1
Telephone: +7 (48536) 7-52-29
E - mail:

The House of Art “Khors”

The House of Art “Khors” is situated in Rostov în the shore of Nero lake near Rostov Kremlin. Here you can look at the art gallery of Mikhail Selishchev. It is placed on the second floor.

The art gallery of the artist is his studio as well. It is a single gallery in Russia, where regularly exhibitions of enamel art take place.

Mikhail Selishchev is a Russian freelance artist working in techniques of enamel art. His works are in different museums of Russia and abroad.

You can visit the House of Art “Khors” daily, from 3 p.m till 8 p.m, entry - free of charge.

Yaroslavl region, Rostov, Podozerka street, house 31
Tel./ fax +7 (48536) 6–24–83
E - mail:

House of Crafts

House of crafts is situated in the historical centre of Rostov on the lakeside. The landscape of old-time buildings gives our guests possibility to feel deeply atmosphere of the ancient city.

Here you can be absorbed in the world of public artistic providence.

The Rostov land is famous for its talented masters carefully keeping the secrets of the old crafts. In Rostov House of crafts everyone is sure to admire the ceramics, paintings, lace, embroidery, handmade goods from birch bark, vine and so on.

We offer our visitors:

• Interesting excursion

• Exclusive souvenirs, made by hands of Rostov masters

• Different master-classes (guests can try their own power in making something by their own hands)

To visit our House of Crafts is a unique possibility to show your own hidden creative abilities and present the holiday to yourself and your relatives. Made by your own hands product you certainly take with you. It can be the gift to you or it'll serve the excellent gift to your close people. There is nothing better then the gift executed by your own hands!

Yaroslavl region, Rostov, 2-d Tolstovskiy proezd, 16
Telephone: +7 (48536) 6 72 23

Studio of the Painter

Nice wooden house is situated in the centre of Rostov near Rostov Kremlin. It was build at the end of 19-th century. Nowadays it is a creative studio of Enin Oleg. He is a talented painter, the member of the Painters' Union of Russia.
The type of activities: painting, mosaic, monumental painting, watercolors, icon painting, restoration.
In the painter's studio thematic exhibitions and meetings of painters are conducted.

Active work on exchange of experience with painters from different regions of Russia and other countries is leading. If you want to try your hand at painting you can do it under the leadership of experienced painters. You can take part in master classes of painting on batik.
It is possible to buy paintings or to make an order. For one, who loves art and is interested in graphic arts: landscapes, still lifes, portraits…

Yaroslavl region, Rostov, Petrovicheva street, 19/3
Telephone: +7 910 663 81 27


The museum "À porechskiy market - gardener"

The visit to this museum which is situated in Porechie is made on you unforgettable impressions. Porechie is situated in 16 kilometres from Rostov and from old times it was considered as the motherland of market - gardening on Rostov land.

In the museum people will tell you about the history of Porechie, about secrets of growing different herbs which are grown in Porechie till nowadays.

You will known old secrets of preparing vitamins tea. The real Russian process of drinking tea will be suggested to you in the museum. You will be treated by tea on herbs with honey and traditional Russian pies. Also you can see famous bell tower in Porechie. It is the second bell tower in Russia by height after the bell tower of Ivan the Great in Moscow. You will visit famous greenhouses and you will taste vegetables which are grown in Porechie and famous in Yaroslavl region. You will be supprised by hearty welcome of citizens in Porechie and you will remember this trip for many years.

The director of the museum is Nadegda Alexandrovna Oleinicheva.

Telephone: +7 (48536) 20 2 81.




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